Zoom Meeting

We are slowly saying goodbye to this year, the year marked by the pandemic. We had a lot of plans, but we had to postpone everything.
We hope that soon we will be able to meet, hang out and play together. This year, online meetings were the only option.

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Lord Van Maldegem

Lord van Maldegem has galloped through our school! Serbian language teacher, Nataša Mugoša, read the Belgian fairy tales to the 4th graders and then, with the help of their teachers, the students came up with a new, more contemporary version of this traditional Belgian fairy tale.

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TEAMS Meeting

The Belgium Team Evy Sierens, Philippe Noben and Filip Bisschops
Spanish Team Gema Lopez, Cristina San Hipolito and Marta Aparicio
Serbian Team Natasa Mugosa, Andjelka Bojovic and Gorana Ferizovic

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